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Comparison of DC three-phase brushless motor
Author:Addministrator  Time:2013/8/15

Comparison of

DC single-phase brushless motorand the DC three-phase brushless motor

DC single phase brushless  motor


1.   Driver is installed in PCB layout, easy to use

2.   Low price

3.   Service life is longer than motor with brush ,without EMC interference


1.   High pulse, high requirements on the motor rotor balancing, easy to have the dead spot

2.   efficiency is low, about 50%

3.   Low starting torque, starting is generally zero moment


used in the no starting torque requirements, generally used for DC fan and driving small loading.

 DC three-phase brushless motor


1.   Stable operation, lower noise and vibration, and longer life expectancy

2.   High starting torque, starting torque equal to blocking load torque, wide applicability

3.   Without EMC interference

4.   Efficiency is high, can reach more than 80%, low energy consumption, energy saving

5.   Wide voltage range, can according to different requirements of the production of motor voltage, applied more widely


1.   High production cost

2.   Driver IC is not popular, it is difficult to integrate the three-phase driver with the internal circuit of the motor. So it restricted the scope of the usage.

Through our continuous efforts, the success of integrated in the circuit of motor, no need of external driving circuit board, and effectively reduce the cost, so that customers can directly replace and more convenient to use.

Our DC three-phase brushless motor, a professional R & D team design in Taiwan, which has the advantages of high efficiency, stable operation, the constant speed, lower vibration and lower noise, longer life, driver built-in features. And can according to customer requirements, providing ODM services.


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