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All Metal AC FAN 12038

Detailed Specification


12038 AC axial fan, AC12038 cooling fan, AC axial fan, AC fan , AC all metal fan
Size specifications:
120X120X38 mm

Bearing type: Sleeve or Bearing

Input Voltage : 115/230VAC

Frequency :50/ 60( Hz )

Rotary speed:2700~3000( R / min )

Air flow:106/120( CFM )

Noice:46/50( dB-A )

Weight: 600( g )

Fan frame: black paint aluminum alloy die-casting anti-corrosion, moisture-proof structure;

Fan blade: metal

Bearing: low noise import bearing

Impendance: enameled wire with class F insulation, temperature 155 degrees celsius;

The high voltage leakage current with stand voltage: 0.5mA.1500V / 1minutes;

The operating voltage:115V (voltage range:85V ~ 125V )

The operating voltage:230V (voltage range:185V ~ 245V )

The fan rotation direction: from the fan blades to counterclockwise direction;

The use of environmental temperature ( C ):-10~ 50(Sleeve)-30~90 ( Bearing )

The life of life: working environment temperature of 50 degrees :

30000 hours (Sleeve bearing)~ Short service life, difficult to 24 hours of continuous work for a long time.

50000 hours (Ball bearing)~Can work constantly.

The protection: IP54 Level


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